Press Release | The Ministry of Finance’s Unjust Decisions – El Golid Locality Resistance Committees Coordination

Honorable revolutionaries of El Golid Locality:

Nowadays, we are observing the severity of the crisis that our local farmers are facing as a result of the Ministry of Finance’s unjust decisions, which fight agriculture in the state every morning and evening, issuing orders against production and the stability of citizens in the states, particularly in the northern states, where wheat is their main source of livelihood.

Finance adopted a decision not to purchase the wheat crop at the focal price that it had declared months before (43,000) pounds per sack, resulting in dissatisfaction and disappointment among farmers and investors in the state attempting to pay off winter season debts.

You are well aware that this decision is an excellent opportunity for merchants to take advantage of the situation, which has automatically fixed a price that does not cover the farmers’ losses, and the current market price per sack ranges between 25,000 to 30,000 pounds.

Not to mention that the winter season has been plagued by numerous difficulties, most notably the increase in the price of agricultural electricity in November heavily influencing the expenditures, which was met with widespread rejection and opposition on the ground by farmers and resistance committees, and led to the well-known North Gear, which involved the majority of the state’s localities.

Honorable farmers of El Golid:

You also encountered difficulties during the winter season as a result of increases in all agricultural imports, the sudden increase in the price of a sack of urea fertilizer at the Agricultural Bank and the increase from SDG 18,000 to SDG 31,000  at the start of the season is part of a scheme to undermine agricultural investment in the state. It is unreasonable that the market price of a sack is SDG 40,000 and that the price of gasoline has increased from SDG 37,000 per barrel to SDG 83,000. They are aware that this will raise the cost of soil preparation, as the actual hourly cost of cultivating is SDG 7,000 and the cost of dredging is SDG 8,000. And the grubbing and cutting of wheat, where in certain regions the price per acre reached SDG 12,000 and the price per acre for harvesting wheat with a machine reached SDG 50,000. These are excluding of additional costs, such as insecticides, spare parts, etc…

These are unjust decisions that must be met with further rejection and escalation in order to fully assert our rights. 

Media Office
Sunday, May 8, 2022