Press Release | Armed Forces Statement – Al Kalakla and South Khartoum Resistance Committees Coordination

We begin by paying respect to the martyrs of the great December Revolution and the treacherous putschists war. Speedy recovery for the wounded and injured, safe return to all the missing and displaced.

Our resistant People:

In spite of this accursed war, the suffering of which we are currently experiencing, we witnessed a shameless statement on the platform of the Armed Forces, in which two members of the Resistance Committees were detained and accused of conspiring with the Rapid Support Militia.

The resistance committees made sacrifices for the sake of this country, not made by any of the leaders of the fateful October 25 coup. The committees tirelessly provided much-needed humanitarian aid in response to the crisis caused by the war. extended to health emergency teams, where members responded to the moral and humanitarian call to action, striving to save as many innocent lives as possible. In contrast, the war leaders showed a complete lack of care or conscience towards the same innocent lives they were tasked to protect.

We have rejected the war since its inception, we reject it now, and we will reject it in the future because of its consequences on the country and the citizen. What was stated on the Armed Forces platform is nothing more than a long-standing disgrace that gets resurfaced every time they try to conceal it.

What was said in another statement on the Rapid Support Militia’s platform will not sway us from our position towards the dissolution of these forces that wreak havoc in the land, The resistance committees are not the ones who granted legitimacy or provide political and economic support to this militia and will not be a tool for either party nor will they promote war, chaos, or destruction. Rather, will continue to advocate for peace and work towards fulfilling the demands of the revolution based on the principles and values on which it was founded.

Our revolutionary comrades:

We, in Al Kalakla and South Khartoum Resistance Committees Coordination, condemn the behavior of the war leaders and their involvement of the resistance committees in their power struggle. We hold the military leadership and intelligence responsible for the safety of the detained revolutionaries. We affirm that we do not support any side over the other, and we reject this war in its entirety. Our revolution’s demands remain firm and unchanged, including the return of the military to the barracks and the dissolution of the Janjaweed militias.

Media Office
May 8, 2023