Press Release | Political Freedom – Ombada Resistance Committees Coordination

Freedom is the ultimate value for which generations of Sudanese men and women have fought throughout the history of the Sudanese national movement.

Years of authoritarian military leadership have tarnished our history by tightening its grasp on the right to speak, confiscating all different voices, and only allowing the chorus of its followers in every period to rumble in the people’s ears with the call for submission.

In this frame of reference, the glorious December revolution came to restore this right. Following the rule of the coup regime of 30 June 1989 A.D., professional and labor unions were dissolved and political activity in the country and all free forums were halted, and began to open in ghost houses to abuse, torture, and murder the daughters and sons of our honorable people who have resisted it from the start. Despite the price of the word at that time, the student and professional movement sacrificed a large number of martyrs for the sake of the country’s and people’s freedom, as well as the cessation of killing and imprisonment for expression of opinion and disagreement.

As a result, We in Ombada Resistance Committees Coordination, reiterate—first to ourselves and then to our fellow members of the resistance committees—what we have repeatedly stated: that difference is not a reason for disagreement, but rather a fact that needs to be handled and managed democratically, not by canceling and criminalizing the other. The right of political forces to communicate with their masses is guaranteed by law and must be protected, and it is the right of all forces of democracy, change, and resistance to hold seminars and events at any time and place, and for them to be judged based on this original principle and nothing else, in order to achieve our common goal of overthrowing the coup of October 25th.

Media & Culture Office
Ombada Resistance Committees Coordination
August 31, 2022