Press Release | August 31 March – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

We will continue the journey of our struggle and and fulfill our aspirations, and we will not leave it to those who do not value our lives and follow the footsteps of their teachers who taught them all the ways of terrorism, murder, and torture. For the ideals of our revolution and the blood of our martyrs, we shall prevail.

Our great people:

The most significant lesson we must take from the revolution, which is evident in public conscience and awareness, is the lesson of struggle, steady and long-lasting revolution, and commitment to the principles and rights. We are well aware of the vile conspiracies involving local and international dark forces that seek to stop us and derail our main demand; “Overthrowing the Military Council” and putting an end to the aspirations of the masses. However, our people, who have risen from the ruins of defeat and embraced the path of a long-term struggle, are capable of erasing the shame of defeat and writing a new chapter in history with the blood of the martyrs and the wounded, the suffering of the missing, and the sacrifices of millions of our people inside and outside the country. The failure of the dark forces and their allies to kill our dreams and ambitions kept the cause alive in our souls. And our people’s exercise of their legitimate right to struggle sent a message to everyone who was concerned that the Sudanese people will neither acquiesce, surrender, nor give up the overthrow of Al-Burhan and his party of putschists. As for the security forces that are supported by the defunct dictatorial system, they have come to the realization that they will not prevail since they were unable to extinguish the revolutionary spirit from the people’s heart and mind and failed to break their tenacious and rebellious will.

Our resistant people:

We, Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination, invite you to begin preparing and mobilizing for August 31 March, during which we will march in large masses, cheering peacefully, not vandalizing, united and not divided, together youth and elders.

The revolution is people’s revolution,
The authority is the authority of the people,
The military belongs to the barracks,
And the Janjaweed to be disbanded.

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Media Office
August 29, 2022