Press Release | International Women’s Day – South Khartoum & Al Kalakla Resistance Committees Coordination

On International Women’s Day, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the great women in our lives – our mothers, sisters, partners, and comrades – for their tireless contributions to our homes, workplaces, educational institutions, and ongoing efforts to resist oppressive and backward systems.

As believers in the values of the glorious December Revolution, we uphold its principles of freedom, peace, and justice. We stand in admiration and gratitude for the women who boldly led our peaceful processions, declaring that the revolution is female and that it will overcome any obstacle in pursuit of its goals.

We, in the South Khartoum & Al Kalakla Resistance Committees Coordination, proudly celebrate all the women of our country on March 8th who have struggled to bring about positive change throughout the ages.

Long live the struggle of Sudanese women.

Media Office
March 8, 2023.