Press Release |The Political Settlement – Abuadam Resistance Commitees

A salute of glory and honor to this nation who did not lay down despite the length of the battle, a salute of glory and perseverance to the revolutionaries who resisted the coup with chants and bare chests, and the loss of their comrades did not deter them from pursuing their dreams. Glory to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives as a dowry for their homeland, thereby closing the path for anybody attempting to circumvent their stated demands.

Our proud people:

The notion of a political settlement, which is being promoted by entities and individuals who have been and continue to benefit from their presence on the political scene since independence and are actively trying to demonstrate that settlements are the only way out and the only solution to the Sudanese political crisis, we tell them that Sudan is not in a state of political tension that can be resolved through negotiation and dialogue, Sudan is under a military coup controlled by a junta of soldiers and profiteers and remnants of the bygone era that must be overthrown.

And that the settlement, which certain initiatives labored to achieve, is in reality a kiss of life for the weak military and political institutions, till they readjust their place within the government.

And our position on it remains unambiguous and unwavering, which is (that establishing any dialogue or settlement in which one of the parties is the Al-Bashir Security Committee led by Burhan and may result in a new partnership or a safe exit for them and a jump over the blood of the martyrs. And it is nothing but a blocker in front of the desired democratic change), not long ago something similar occurred.

The revolutionary street is too powerful to seek half-solutions while it has not yet been defeated, so that it negotiate with Al-Burhan and his thugs, rather, they are the ones who knock on the doors until they find a way out before they are overthrown.

We are aware of their intention to disrupt the scale of the political landscape by drawing some political forces, armed movements, and civil administrations in order to portray themselves as the stronger party… The street scale, on the other hand, is a digital balance that does not have two scales.

Our great people:

The political position of the resistance committees is explained in their declared political charter, which is the first political document that was proposed and agreed upon at the level of the largest national popular base which will be born in the coming days, to be put forward until all the national, political, civil, union gather under its umbrella, representing the will of the people, and preventing any deviation from the revolution’s demands. this charter, whose first clause is the uprooting of al-Bashir’s security committee and their prosecution.

And if the settlement cards are on the tables of those who are willing to give up their principles for the sake of their narrow interests, we declare aloud that this settlement will be opposed by the revolutionary will and the achievement of truth, justice, and the desired democratic transformation, and we emphasize that the revolution will continue until all the aspirations of the street are achieved.

Media & Communication Office
May 9, 2022