Press Release | Weekly Schedule – Al Kalaklat & South Khartoum Resistance Committees Coordination

Sincere greetings of glory and honor as you continue to resist the forces of darkness despite their brutality and humiliation of the Sudanese citizen’s dignity, as well as economic and legal inequality; to write the highest meanings of patriotism, and to achieve a state that respects the entity and worth of the Sudanese citizen, preserves their right to life, and works on distributing wealth and rights evenly.

Without compromise or acquiescence, we will continue our efforts to permanently remove the brutal military rule from Sudan and return the military institution to its assigned duties. In this journey, which is nearing to end, the traitors who supported the coup will fall and to rekindle the flame of the processions that overthrows the coup authority and disturbs its sleep, in pursuit of our dreams of radical change and the establishment of people’s authority, in continuation of our revolutionary activities against the coup authorities and diversification of civil and peaceful resistance mechanisms, we announce the weekly schedule of the Coordination of the Al-Kalakla Resistance Committees: 

  • Sunday, May 8th: Online Seminar.
  • Monday, May 9th: Decentralized procession and revolutionary activities
  •  Tuesday, May 10th: Public Address and communication with various groups in the markets and public venues
  •  Wednesday, May 11th : – Promotional processions inside neighbourhoods
  • Thursday, 12th :- Centralized March.

Field Office
May 7, 2022