Press Release| The Military Coup – Madani Resistance Committees

Glory and eternity be upon the martyrs of Sudan and the martyrs of the Glorious December Revolution. May the wounded be granted a speedy recovery & may the missing and forcibly disappeared return soon.

To the masses of revolution and freedom:

Emboldened by our belief in the principles of the December Revolution and the hope to achieve Freedom, Justice, and Peace for our people, we affirm the right to demonstrate against the coup, the militarization of the state and the recession of the Sudanese people to an era of tyranny and totalitarianism. We also oppose any attempt to obstruct the process of dismantling the National Congress Party (Keizan regime) under any pretext, agreement, or law.

Furthermore, the continuous (and unsuccessful) efforts to drag us towards the path of violence remains a primary objective for the putschists in order to justify their crimes that include killing, torturing, and harassment of protestors, as well as raiding residences without warrants. This particular infraction was extended to the family members of political activists, forcing them to turn themselves in instead. This kind of practice contradicts the fundamental Sudanese principles, beliefs, and moral codes. Not to mention the physical harm inflicted upon the brave detainees who are being denied all legal and medical rights agreed upon internationally. Such as, the barbaric assault of Emad Mohamed with the butt of a rifle which left him unconscious. In another instance, Mahdi Abu Al-Hasan suffered broken ribs after being assaulted within the confinements of the military intelligence headquarters; which should have rather been investigating the treachery of their commanders who are selling out this nation and its people.

We strongly condemn this oppressive regime and we assert the right to express our rejection through all lawful and constitutional methods, without the fear of intimidation nor oversight. We also hold the authorizers of the coup accountable for all physical and psychological harm inflicted on the detainees. We will continue standing against the coup and its allies through our tried and true ways. The saboteurs shall find no rest.

Madani Resistance Committees
November 23, 2021

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