Press Release|The independent resistance committee – Abu Adam Resistance Committees

The media and the satellite channels, specifically Sudan Television, present a narrative that simply parrots the words of their master General al-Burhan and the coup military and civilian conspirators. Additionally, they have announced the presence of others who call themselves “the independent resistance committee”. Claiming to be a part of the established and citizen backed resistance committees of Sudan, going as far as to declare designations such as president, a political secretary, barricades supervisor and others…

This entity however does not belong to any recognized structures of the bona fide resistance committees and the authentic coordinators that stem from the heart of the neighborhoods, villages, and cities of the TRUE SUDAN. We all know this to be true!

It has come to our attention from our sources that this so-called entity, which is endowed with independence, is in truth backed by General al-Burhan himself. Promised slots in the Legislative Council and other national organizations by General al-Burhan’s inevitably failing state.

We in the Abu Adam Resistance Committees categorically deny any connection with this entity.

We are all aware who the true and recognized resistance committees are; the citizens and the people of the neighborhoods know of their true framework, nature, and intentions, which can’t be emulated by those who are bought and paid for.

Abu Adam Resistance Committees
November 24, 2021