Press Release – coordination of Jabal Awliyah committees of resistance

Mercy for the martyrs and return to the missing ones and speedy recovery for the wounded and injured.

We, the coordination of Jabal Awliyah resistance committees, declare that we have nothing to do with those bodies that sat with the coup leaders and they represent only themselves. We also condemn the arrests of resistance committees in all states of Sudan.

We affirm that these practices will not keep us from continuing to resist. We renew our call for professional bodies to abide by mass civil disobedience and political strike until the dismissal of Al-Burhan and all those who participated in the military coup. We also wish the masses of our people, who are still resisting against the military coup, not to negotiate with :the military except by fulfilling our demands

  1. Dismissal of al-Burhan and Hamidi and bringing them to an immediate trial for treason.
  2. Removing the military forces from the political scene and integrating all armed movements into the militry for a single national army with a national ideology.
  3. Immediate release of Dr. Abdullah Hamduk

We will announce the escalation schedules on our official platforms on Facebook and Twitter, and we are not responsible for any statement that comes out in the name of coordination on other platforms.

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