Press Release | Campaigns of Demonization and Lies – Hlfayat Almlook Change & Resistance Committees

On January 17th, another massacre was carried out by the Central Reserve Forces, the Sudanese army, The National Intelligence and Security Services, the Rapid Support Forces, and the riot police.

Unarmed peaceful Sudanese citizens were killed, abused and beaten in the streets and in their neighbourhoods in broad daylight. Bullets and live ammunition were used against and directly pointed at the Sudanese protestors, as well as tear gas canisters and sound bombs.

The joint armed forces used lethal force against peaceful demonstrators, leaving seven honourable martyrs within only five hours, hundreds of injuries and enforced disappearances; Where the joint armed forces inside and outside the capital invaded streets, neighbourhoods, homes, threatened people and caused terror in their homes, and arrested them in both their private vehicles and from public transportations.

We witnessed all kinds of violations and armed looting that were committed by the joint armed forces.

As we remember and keep in prayers the martyrs who were brutally killed and sacrificed their lives for this country, we hold the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, his deputy, the Sovereignty Council, the regular armed forces, the armed movements that support him, and all parties that had a hand internally and externally, accountable for all the blood that was shed on this land that is longing for peace.

Right now, we are being subjected to campaigns of demonization and lies that predict more killing and systematic violence against the Sudanese protesters after three years of peaceful resistance witnessed by the whole world.

Since the 25th of October, bridges and main roads were constantly being closed, internet and communication services were cut off, ambulances were hijacked, hospitals and places of worship were attacked, homes were burned and many crimes against humanity were committed.

Their brutality and killings have done nothing but increase our determination to outroot them, and the sorrow and pain we feel over our brothers and sisters that we lost only fill us with anger that is accompanied by strengths. As death for the sake of this beloved country is life.

We call on all Sudanese, men and women, everywhere to carry out all means of peaceful resistance and demonstrations in defence of their sisters, brothers, sons and daughters.
It is now; our anthem against their bullets.

We call on all civil society organizations, institutions, states and nations that believe in our right to live, to stand by the Sudanese revolutionists in their battle for salvation.

It’s coming to an end, this regime is going to fall.
Glory to the martyrs and gallows to the killers.
Long live the resistance of the Sudanese people.

The Media Committee
Resistance Committee – Halfaya Al Mulouk