Press Release| Nomination of Karari Resistance Committees Coordination Spokesperson

Salute to those whose blood was spilt on the soil of the country in order to produce a generation that builds edifices of justice and upholds the principles of transparency and integrity, while also hoisting the banners of freedom and singing the melodies of peace. Glory and immortality to our living martyrs, freedom for the steadfast detainees in military cells, and the return of the missing, who lament in their loneliness and forced disappearance.

Salute to the Karari revolutionaries who are remaining on the streets to secure a right and a triumph that future generations and history books will remember. 

To the masses of the Sudanese people at home and abroad:
In the pursuit of direct communication with the masses and with the audio-visual media, local and international, and to deliver the facts from its official sources, and in order to avoid hijacking our independent voice, we had to delegate an official spokesperson on behalf of Karari Resistance Committees Coordination, according to the democratic collective opinion, the revolutionary Sajida Al Mubarak was nominated to speak on behalf of Karari Resistance Committees Coordination

Any manifesto or statement not made through our official informational outlets (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or our spokesperson should not be associated with us, nor should we accept responsibility for it.

The authority is the people’s authority, the revolution is a people’s revolution, the military belongs to the barracks, and the Janjaweed must be dissolved.

Information and media Office
3rd February 2022