Press Release | Freedom Processions – Burri Neighborhoods Resistance Committees Coordination

The masses of the Sudanese people, revolutionaries of Burri

The Sudanese people, the Burri revolutionaries, we have all seen in recent weeks as the putschits adopted a new, but predicted, techniques of silencing the voices and attempts to breaking the thorn of the resistance. The junta security forces have abducted a huge number of revolutionaries and activists, initially estimated at 68.  in the absence of justice in the condition of no state we are living in as a result of the coup, w e hold all coup security services responsible for their safety and return to their homes.

The coup has evolved into a vicious monster that preys on those who try to tame it. No one is safe from predation. It is past time for us, as Sudanese, to get together and unite to remove it and put an end to these atrocities.

We mentioned before that freedom is a right granted by the Sudanese constitution to all citizens, and that kidnapping revolutionaries is a breach of the constitution and a clear violation of individuals’ rights. We are fully aware that the putschists are constructing a security state in order to suppress critics, invade people’ privacy, facilitate the counter-revolution of the December Revolution, and undermine its gains.

Therefore, and in rejection of the continuous violations and arbitrary arrests, we call on the masses of the Sudanese people to march in freedom processions calling for an end to the arrests, the disclosure of the kidnapped men and women, and their immediate release, tomorrow on the sixth of February.

The processions gather at exactly 1 o’clock in the afternoon revolution time inside the neighborhoods, and the tracks are defined later by the field committees.

General Instructions:

  • Commitment to peacefulness, unifying chants and slogans, and raising banners calling for the release of detainees.
  • Barricading of all streets of Burri and the surrounding streets before the start of the procession for security
  • Strict adherence to the tracks and the directives of the field committees in the processions.
  • Not to engage or clash with the coup security forces.
  • Monitor intruders and inform field committees immediately.
  • Immediate retreat in the event of suppression of processions and use of live bullets.

Monitoring and arresting revolutionaries, as well as fabricating charges, were among the characteristics of the old Sudan that the December revolution set out to remove, and we will not allow what was demolished to be reinstated. We reaffirm that we are on the verge of overthrowing the coup, and and that the civil state that we all wish to establish is the sole guarantee for ending abuses and achieving justice.

Long Live to the resistance

Burri Neighborhoods Resistance Committees Coordination
February 5, 2022