Joint Press Release – Khartoum State Resistance Committees focal points

We, Khartoum State Resistance Committees focal points, have received a meeting invitation from te special representative for Sudan and Head of the United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS) to discuss the recent event in Sudan after the ill-fated military coup that took place on the 25th October.

The following response reflects our collective stance towards the recent developments in Sudan. And it is signed by Khartoum resistance committees focal points to send strong message expressing our solidarity and unity against the common enemy.

We promise the masses of our people in all cities, villages, and townships that there will be no retreat or complacency.

The people demand will prevail, be victorious, and continue towards its goals.

Subject: Resistance Committees Position from recent developments in Sudan

Regarding your letter on 7 November 2021 (no reference), we value your interest in the Sudanese people and the developments with their holy revolution that allowed Sudan to restore its position in the international society after a long break from the Islamic dictatorship. We want to convey to you our position regarding the latest events in Sudan:

Firstly: Our stated and clear stance remains that Sudan is now under a complete military coup orchestrated and executed by the armed forces and militia generals who are implicated in several wars atrocities, and crimes against humanity. Most unforgettably, the massacres of the Armed Forces HQ and states sit-ins 3 June 2019.

Secondly: We will continue our fight to remove the junta that currently runs the armed forces and dissolve all Juntas and militias that violate the Sudanese public with vicious killings and terror on the streets. We stress the prosecution of the commanding general of the armed forces, the Rapid Support militia leader, and all the heads of the security system who took part in the military coup and the unlawful murders, abductions, sexual assaults, and detention of the innocent Sudanese people.

Thirdly: Sudan should undoubtedly be led by an entirely civilian government. This leadership will manage all the country’s matters. At the same time, and the military should be embargoed from participating in the political scene. We also demand the dissolving of all militias and forming a unified national army under civilian control.

Fourthly: Our motto will remain “No Negotiation, No Compromise, No Partnership” with criminals. We refuse any intermediary or settlement with the coup leaders, and we will carry on our struggle and fight to oust the coup and take the criminals before justice.

Fifthly: we welcome all efforts aligning with the Sudanese people’s ambitions and aspirations toward a democratic transition. We call the international society and all nations to stand in solidarity with our fight for Freedom, Peace and justice through you. A cause that will not be possible to realize without the defeat of the country’s militarization advanced by the commander in chief of the armed forces, Rapid Support forces, and their Coup supporters.


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  • Greater Omdurman Focal points
  • Bahri Resistance Committees
  • Haj Yousif Resistance Committees Collective
  • Sharg Al Nile Resistance Committees focal points

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