Joint Press Release| November 30 March – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

The traitors hoped that the long nights would distract us from the eventual rise of the sun. As a result, they constructed obstacles in all directions to impede our efforts to lift our country. When they ran out of ideas, they resorted to savagery, believing that a bullet could silence the people’s voice. They will reap the wickedness they sow.

The December revolution did not bring an end to a cruel regime to usher in another. Instead, it uprooted all the ideals upon which the oppressive state was formed. December marks the beginning of the end for the old Sudan, with all its nonsense designed to serve a few politicians and military personnel at the expense of the majority. For the sake of their interests, the dignity and wellbeing of our citizens were put up for sale. Transgressions in our country have not stopped, nor has the tyrannous system that directs our taxes to military personnel who kill without justification and face no accountability. The December revolution’s proclaimed slogan, ‘Justice,’ is the key to constructing a healthy society free from the faults of the past. Our people in refugee camps are a clear illustration of this. They lost their sense of security as well as sources of income, and their memories became synonymous with death. Their children have never tasted life or enjoyed the innocence of youth. They are the ones who need justice.

Those who pretend to represent the marginalized and speak on their behalf, on the other hand, have been lured by the riches and have abandoned the causes they once pledged to; it has been and continues to be only a business to them. When their profits and personal ambitions are jeopardized, they threaten us with war. Let them hide behind their weapons, for our chests will remain bare. When a revolutionist dies, a new revolutionary is born.

Some may believe that reaching our current revolutionary aims is only a dream. But we, the children of December, already learned a valuable lesson. We brought down the Al-Bashir regime when everyone assumed it would prevail. And when the junta sought to sabotage our victory, we reclaimed it with skill despite their efforts. The lessons of December must be understood by all: the people are stronger, and retreat is not an option.

The March of the Millions on November 30th will be dedicated to the victims of Jebel Moon, emphasizing that Sudanese blood is one. The march, destined for the Palace, will be in commemoration of all victims of transgressions.

The people are stronger, and retreat is impossible.

Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination
November 29, 2021