Obituary – Bahri Neighborhoods Resistance Committees

Our Martyrs are not dead
They’re living with the revolutionaries
Who died is a traitor’s conscience
We swore to take reveng

History repeats itself, Al-Burhan and the Killers Council believe that their use of live bullets, the assassination of peaceful protesters, the intimidation of citizens inside their homes, storming hospitals and the blackout of the media enable them to rule our rebellious people in the streets.

Bahri Neighborhoods Resistance Committees mourn and ask God to have mercy on the martyrs of the peaceful protests and million man march of anger on November 13, 2021 who were assassinated by the hands of treachery and betrayal, therefore we hold the coup d’état leaders Al-Burhan and Hemitti and even the low rank soldiers accountable and retribution is inevitably coming.

  1. Martyr Yasser Ali Yusuf Al-Sheikh: 18 years old, the place of martyrdom is Martyr Abdul Azim St. Omdurman. Residence: Al-Abasiyah District.
  2. Martyr Abdul Hamid Abdul Karim: from Al Hizam Region, South of Khartoum, Place of Martyrdom is Siteen St.
  3. Martyr Muzamil Tafita: Residence at Aldyum Al shargiyah, Place of Martyrdom is Arkaweet, Siteen St.
  4. Martyr Mohammed Abbakar: From Khartoum, Janub Al Hizam, 35 years old, father of 2 children
  5. Martyr Rimaz Hatim Al-Ata: She was shot in the head. Place of Martyrdom is Khartoum, Al Sahafa
  6. Martyr Mujahid Mohammed Farah: (15 years old) He was shot in the abdomen, injured the femoral artery causing severe bleeding, martyred in Sharq Al Nil Hospital.

We also wish a speedy recovery for those injured

Bahri Neighborhoods Resistance Committee
November 14, 2021

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