Press Release | You will not walk alone – Bahri Neighborhood Resistance Committees

From Bahri Neighborhood Resistance Committees to our comrades in the northern state who are united in their righteous cause, demanding legitimate rights.

-You will not walk alone – We will remain supportive of the movement until all demands are implemented and all legitimate rights are returned to their owners, and in rejection of the injustice that has befallen the people of Sudan and the people of the Northern State in particular.

-The issue of rights and their restoration via peaceful resistance remainsan important aspect of achieving justice that we call for and for which the glorious December revolution erupted.

Stopping the wastage of Sudan’s resources and putting suitable preventative measures in place. We will not allow any country to exploit our resources and devastate our economy. This is a fundamental national right.

We warn the coup forces and the state government against any attempts to suppress the revolutionaries or attempt to open roads using force, and once that is done, there will be no open road in all parts of the country.

Bahri Neighborhood Resistance Committees
January 22, 2022