Press Release | The unfair decisions against farmers and landowners – Imtidad Shambat Al Aradi Resistance Committee

Glory to our righteous martyrs, and comradely greetings to the rebellious masses of the people in all parts of the country against Al Burhan / Himeti dictatorship that will inevitably collapse.

We have been following the bravery of the revolutionaries in the northern state in recent days, and the people of the state from all villages have united in rejecting the unfair decisions against farmers and landowners. Since the first moments of the announcement of the decision to increase electricity tariffs, the features of the economic trends of the coup mafia towards farmers and producers in general, as the final outcome of such policies is to clamp down on farmers and push them to abandon their lands and migrate to the cities so that the putschists can trade in the country’s lands with their local and foreign allies, as in the long lease contracts (99 years).

All of this was followed by the repression of northern revolutionaries in an attempt by the coup d’état to dismantle the barricades, which proved to be unbreakable. They protect the rights of the homeland and the citizen that were being violated day and night by the military and the Janjaweed.

We, Imtidad Shambat Al Aradi Resistance Committee, stand in solidarity with our farmers in the northern state in their just demands, and we affirm that the masses who fill the streets, demanding full democratic civil authority, will defeat these anti-revolutionary policies and economic programs, production and producers, and build the national economic program that aims to provide a decent life for all the masses of our people.

Imtidad Shambat Al Aradi Resistance Committee
January 22, 2022