Press Release | Freedom is not a privilege, it’s a right – Bahri Neighborhoods Resistance Committees

To all the revolutionary and honorable people in our beloved country. You have followed the measures taken by the authorities of the fateful coup following the killing of Brigadier General Ali Brima, may God have mercy on him, and the arbitrary arrests that were accompanied by targeting revolutionaries who were receiving treatment at the Royal Care Hospital, and the secrecy surrounding their detention facilities. It is also well known to you that the emergency lawyers group responded to these arbitrary measures until their efforts culminated in the issuance of a decision yesterday evening according to which the revolutionaries Sulafa, Rifaq, Zainab, Wael and Mustafa were acquitted.

Then, this morning, Friday, January 21, we were surprised that Bahri Criminal Investigation Police re-arrested the released revolutionaries, in clear violation of the law.

We in Bahri Neighborhoods Resistance Committees condemn this act and warn the authorities of the consequences of violating the law. We further state that we will use all legal and peaceful means to oppose these actions, as well as any escalatory legal and media measures.

Bahri Neighborhoods Resistance Committees
January 21, 2022