Press Release | Solidarity with the barricade and the free revolutionaries of the north – El-Sahafa Resistance Committees

The Sudanese people in all parts of Sudan are still practicing all methods of resistance to overthrow this coup authority, declaring by all peaceful means their rejection of the rule of these militias for Sudan, and that the Sudanese people have unified demands, and their slogan is one, which is the overthrow of this illegal authority that came against ower will and practiced all kinds of dictatorship, oppression, and suppression of freedoms to be in power, but they do not know that they are in front of a people who will not remain silent until they are brought down and held accountable.

We in El-Sahafa Resistance Committees declare our full solidarity and full support for the Northern Shield “Taras Alshamal” and the free Northern revolutionaries who stood as one man against all the methods of the coup militants to smuggle the country’s goods and wealth. We also call on all the revolutionaries in the country to take such a stand in the face of everyone who uses the country’s resources for his personal interests and to use all means to stop the looting by the coup militias and to stand up to them and their attempts to destroy this country and exploit its resources for their own interests.

We will always be one hand and one voice in the face of all oppressive dictatorships and their dirty tactics.

El-Sahafa Resistance Committees
January 21, 2022