Political Declaration Press Conference – Madani Resistance Committees

The downfall of the coup authority has become a matter of time, and with the escalation in the field, Madani resistance committees are moving to escalate the political steps by putting forward a proposal for a political declaration (a draft) that seeks to build consensus around a unified political vision for the resistance committees throughout Sudan on the basis of basic discussions and ownership of the decision to the masses.

Madani Resistance Committees cordially invite you to attend a press conference at which the political declaration proposal (a draft) will be presented and discussed by all revolutionaries in the field and all social forces interested in achieving true democratic transformation, ending poverty, establishing peace and development, social justice, dismantling centralization and subjugation to international decision centers. On Saturday, January 22, 2022, at one o’clock, revolution time, at the International Conference Hall of Al-Jazirah University’s Preparatory Complex, Wad Madani.

Madani Resistance Committees
January 21, 2022