Press Release | Solidarity with the citizens of the North in their courageous fight against the tyrannical authority – Hlfayat Almlook Change and Resistance Committees

We in Hlfayat Almlook Change and Resistance Committees are convinced of the importance of using our available platforms to communicate the voices of the resistance inside the capital, Khartoum in general, and outside it in particular; We declare our solidarity with the farmers of the North, the resistance committees of Merowe locality and citizens affected by the ill-considered and illegal decisions of the coup authority.

The economic and service interests are the essence of the battle and the basis of the resistance, and with coup’s fragile mechanisms, worn-out credo and shabby priorities, nothing can be achieved.

We call on all the revolutionary forces, including resistance committees, unions, student bodies, women’s unions, political parties, factional blocks, and all those calling for the overthrow of the fateful coup to stand side by side with the movement of farmers in the northern state, judges, and retiree of the armed forces and to support all movements, especially the groups that were marginalized for various reasons during the previous decades.

For everyone’s salvation

Long live the Sudanese people’s resistance.

Media Commitee
Hlfayat Almlook Change and Resistance Committees