Press Release | We have no demands from the usurper of power – Abri Resistance Committees

To the honorable masses of the Sudanese people, who cling to the embers, who are steadfast despite oppression, and who are patient in the face of the oppression of the forces of darkness, the thieves of the people’s dreams, the guardians of corruption, and the corrupt who kill in the name name of religion, steal in the name of religion, usurp the sanctities of the homeland, and desecrate the land with their hands.

They are still fabricating poorly directed plays to deceive minds by misrepresenting facts and stirring strife, but they have all devolved into broken records and seeds of sedition that yield no fruit. People are aware of the facts, and they will not be rest till they win.

To the steadfast revolutionaries, we pledge that our stance in the line of fire will be a long and great one. We shall educate the Kiezan (former regime) the definitions of steadfastness and heroism. We promise that we are in Abri Barricade, nothing will be allowed to leave the country. Our issue is not electricity. We do not demand our rights from those who lack legitimacy. Our fundamental cause is the restoration of civil authority, whose dowry was expensive but was treacherously robbed by the usurpers, so we do not recognize them. It is a disgrace to demand our rights from those who do not have it. Our barrices are in order to overthrow the coup government that betrayed the people’s revolution, shed the blood of the revolutionaries, empowered the militias, and spread corruption in the country.

We do not negotiate with a putschist, and we have no demands from the usurper of power. Our demands are postponed. We will present them to the civil government, which will unavoidably follow the inevitable triumph. The people’s will is never defeated; rather, it triumphs.

Glory to the revolutionaries (be steadfast, always!(.

Abri Resistance Committees
February 8, 2022