Press Release | Millions March for the Northern Barricade – Al Dayum Al Shargiyah Resistance Committees Coordination

Our brave people, glory be to you:

And you place all confidence in the resistance committees, knowing for sure that the best of the country lies in its rebellious youth, not its military or parties!! And one of the causes of this difficult and critical stage is the failure of the elites, and the likes of “Hemeti and Burhan” these mercenary killers who ascended the pyramid of the authority of this great country.

Our honorable revolutionary brothers and sisters, the free resistance committees, the resistance committees lead and are not led, and we will always make greater sacrifices for this country till the dawn of salvation and liberation from the murderous.

It is our pride, honor, loyalty and support for the detainees and our revolutionaries brothers and sisters of the of the North for their glorious steadfastness in closing Shiryan Al Shimal and the crossings, the crossings of the agents and the mercenaries of Sisi regime whose hands stained with the blood of our brothers and sisters in the massacre of the General Command Sit-in. The revolutionaries of the North, you will not be alone. Our strength is in our unity, and and we will march “on Thursday, February 10th, in the millions march for the Northern Barricade,” the march of millions towards the same palace (Palace of fools).

And it is incumbent upon us in the resistance committees throughout the grieving homeland to close all ports by land, sea, and air, and to reach the sky with our barricades, closing all national, main, internal, and secondary roads, as well as inside neighborhoods and alleys, in Sudan until the killers are overthrown.

The tracks will be published later. “Stay tuned for the surprise.”

Al Dayum Al Shargiyah Resistance Committees Coordination
Media Committee
February 8, 2022