Press Release| February 10th Processions- Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

To the masses of the people, men and women, young and elder, we invite you to participate in the millions-march on Thursday, February 10, towards Station 7. singing our chants, sticking to our peacefulness. Our hearts are full of the patriotism of our motherland and devoid of fear. We flog the executioner and infuriate the aggressors with the strength of our voice, the clarity of our image, and our commitment as peaceful people, not saboteurs or immoral people. to overthrow the coup, whose pillars began to crumble, in the footsteps of our martyrs, and inevitably triumphant.

Porcession Tracks:

East Khartoum:

East Khartoum Resistance Committees Coordination starts from within the neighborhoods, and meets the processions of Riyadh and Taif at the intersection of Al-Nakhil with Al Sharqi, and move to meet the processions of Maamoura, Soba and the Mujahideen at the intersection of Imtidad Al-Nakhil with Al-Balabil. All processions move to meet with Arkaweet procession at the intersection of Obaid Khatim with Al-Balabil, and then all processions move towards Station 7.

Al Kalaklat, South Khartoum, West Khartoum and Al Jabal:

The assembly at the Matthew Petrol Station point is at 11:30, and the processions move at 1:00 pm.

Janub Al Hizam:

The processions move from the neighborhoods, then all the processions gather at the Airport Street with the intersection of Al-Nahda Street (formerly Al-Dilalah), then head north to the airport intersection with Kanar, then the processions head to Station 7.

Center of Khartoum:

The processions gather in Bashdar and then head south to Station 7. The processions move at 1:00 pm.

Victory is but an hour of patient perseverance

Media Office
February 9, 2022