Press Release | Tracks of January 24 March – Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination

Our steadfast and brave people, we address you today as the conflict is raging between the forces of the living revolution and the leaders of the military coup and their allies; So here are the cities of Sudan racing in the footsteps of the revolution, the beloved revolutionaries of the East, the great North Shield, the brave sit-in of the displaced in the West, the steadfast revolutionaries of Al Gezira and its vanguard is the revolutionary city of Madani, all of them were all quick to respond to the call of the revolution and the homeland, they all said, “We’re coming to you, Burhan!”. The bloody massacres of the seventeenth of January in the center of Khartoum and Wad Madani massacre yesterday revealed the extent of fear and intimidation that dominates the minds of the killers day after day. They are terrified traitors who see the gallows on which we will hang them in their nightmares.

Our free revolutionaries, yes, we will continue on the path of the revolution and our processions will go tomorrow at a steady pace towards the Palace of Gordon. Day after day, martyr falls after a martyr, 70 martyrs have fallen since your ill-fated coup, but we are steadfast, victory is ours, because we are the people!

The assembly points for the 24th of January processions marching towards the Presidential Palace will be as follows:

  • Bashdar: for West Khartoum Neighborhoods Coordinations, Al Kalaklat and South Khartoum
  • Sabaa Station: for Janub Al Hizam Neighborhoods Coordination and South Khartoum
  • Al Qurashi Park: East Khartoum Neighborhoods Coordination
  • Al Qandul Square
  • The Stadium
  • Byblos Bank
  • Al Nilin University


All processions meet in Al-Qurashi Park and head towards Sharwani. Then the procession split into three main tracks from Sharwani to:

  • Track 1: head Northeast from Sharwani toward Al Musalamiyah Bridge
  • Track 2: head North directly toward the palace street
  • Track 3: head Northwest from Sharwani toward the railway road

General Instructions for the revolutionaries:

  • Barricading campaign starts from the morning, barricading in all the streets, with extra barricading to high-risk areas around the procession, such as Al-Gali and Al-Qurashi.
  • Monitor intruders and notify the security committees
  • Do not engage with regular forces, in the event of the use of live bullets, retreat immediately and utilize whatever shield available.
  • The procession to follows he banners, and the processions return along the same tracks.
  • Remember that peacefulness is our main motto.

Media Office
January 23, 2022