Joint Press Release | No to foreign interference – Resistance Committees

This country belongs to us, with its wars, its hunger, its epidemic and broken silence in the softness of the void. This country, with all of its triumphs and tragedies, belongs to us. It belongs to us, and we belong to it…

In those closed rooms and under the table in particular, our land is divided, spoils are distributed, and the hard-earned resources of the Sudanese citizen, whether he is a worker or a farmer, are looted, and our land is usurped, its resources are plundered, and deals are made, and they don’t care about the blood dripping from the knife with which they divided the country. There are policies in those closed rooms, notably in their bags, targeted at pushing Sudan into debt spirals and economic dependency, burdening it and preventing it from expanding its wings to soar far and climb to the throne of the world’s economy, up high among nations. They can only read “denounce and condemn” statements, and their hearts bear nothing but evil for this country; we are the nation’s salvation, the end of colonialism and brutal occupation.

Our honorable people:

We will not seek assistance from countries, whenever they put their hand in a place, they wreaked havoc. Syria is still bleeding tears and blood, and the wound of Iraq has not healed, and proud Libya has become a battlefield over the bodies of its people, and Egypt has buried its people alive, and Happy Yemen weeps for the loss of its sons, wounded Palestine that the international community turns a blind eye to, and turns a blind eye to the violations committed against the Palestinian people, whose land is usurped and its people are unjustly displaced.

Our free people:

It is time to rise up now and forever, it is time to take back our freedom with our own hands, for we are too proud to ask their help and sympathy.

The sons of Amanishakheto:

The sovereignty of our country is violated when news is circulated that the Egyptian President / Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi will visit Sudan to dictate to his agents and mercenaries what to do, and a plane lands in Khartoum carrying an Israeli delegation to plot conspiracies against this country, its people and its future, the Axis come to us to impose on us its interests and objectives and bargain with the Security Committee of Bashir, which does not represent the aspirations of the Sudanese people.

We in the resistance committees reject all forms of foreign interference in the affairs of the country in these ways, which will only lead to further complexity, and reject any intervention that carries authoritarian symbolism or guardianship from any party, and any interference that carries with it a violation of the sovereignty of this country and its people.

To the revolutionaries of the North:

And here are the steadfast revolutionaries of the North, who made the facts float to the surface from the depths of the well of corruption, and the absurdity that dominates the scene in our usurped country, after their protests for increase in electricity prices, turned to sit-ins and the closure of land ports between Sudan and Egypt.

We declare our full support and solidarity towards what the revolutionaries of the North are doing, and we are at your disposal.

The masses of the Sudanese people, we, with our unity and solidarity, represent a human shield in front of the whole world, standing in front of lurking enemies of our country, we will rise up in front of all of them, this is no longer the time of our enslavement, and the whips no longer terrorize us. We stand before them in defense of our pride and dignity, in defense of our Sudanese identity, our land, our Nile, our fields, and our mountains, in defense of our Sudan!

Either freedom and dignity … or death!

Tomorrow is the third anniversary of the two martyrs, Abd al-Azim “Azama” and Mahjoub, may Allah have mercy and forgiveness, and we are still on the covenant and shall remain so.