Press Release| #Jan24March – East Khartoum Resistance Committees Coordination

The coup authority continues to abuse and kill the Sudanese people, thinking that this will curb the revolutionary movement and hinder it from reaching its goals.

It seems that the head of the coup intended in his statements to ceasefire at the borders against the usurpers of our land in Halaib and Fasheqah and to point the barrels of guns at the unarmed demonstrators

Today, we mourn the loss of two martyrs in Khartoum, the martyr Muhammad Amer Alish from the sons of Al-Jarif West, and the martyr Thabet Muawiya Bashir from the sons of Burri. May God’s mercy be upon them.

We call on all the Sudanese people to continue to escalate peacefully in rejection of the killing of our people until the coup is overthrown and full civilian rule is won. Delusional those who think that the revolution is defeatable, the time for military and non-military coups in Sudan is over.

East Khartoum Resistance Committees Coordination
January 24, 2022