Press Release | The coup militias’ continuous transgressions – Central Salha Resistance Committees

The coup forces continue to kill defenseless citizens and non-citizens in our country using live bullets. A short while ago, we were shocked by the news that the security forces had killed John Oshik, who was going to his home near a barricade in Wudnubawi in Omdurman, and he was killed by a direct gunshot in the chest.

These violent militias were not satisfied with killing, but they also practiced repression even on the paramedics, as it attempted to arrest the revolutionaries escorting the body of the martyr in Tuqa Hospital, and now there is a large force of militias encircling the old Omdurman area.

Accordingly, we urge all Omdurman revolutionaries to go to the Omdurman morgue, where the martyr’s body is now located, to support the martyr’s family, and to hold a burial ceremony..

Revolutionaries of my country, the coup militias’ continuous transgressions are just proof that their ruses have worn thin and that the time for their downfall is fast approaching.

Media Office
Central Salha Resistance Committees
January 19, 2022