Joint Press Release | January 17 Massacre – Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination

We cannot retreat, the price of this journey was and still is our lifetime. To the revolutionaries of the world, know that we are still steadfast, we are still victorious, we are still confident that we will win our battle and revolution against the rotten bloody regime.

Our revolutionary people:

A new massacre added to the massacres of the military coup council against the Sudanese people. We have lost 7 revolutionaries until this moment, and we consider them martyrs who continue to live among us. Until this moment, we are still counting our wounded, many serious injuries with live bullets and bombs aimed at the faces of the revolutionaries.

The coup council and its allied militias reveal on a daily basis to the world and to the Sudanese who believe in them, that they are just gangs calling themselves a state, they steal from us our resources to kill us, they arm their soldiers at the expense of bread, health, and education to spread bullets in the streets, this is not our army and these are our enemies, and it is our duty to resist them until we win or they rule an empty country after they  kill us all. This is our pledge to the martyrs

– We call on all the revolutionaries to completely close Khartoum and erect barricades everywhere. Our barricades terrify them and remind them that we are the strongest and largest army in this country.

-We call on all professionals, employees and workers everywhere to establish their committees in the workplace, and to coordinate well between them and the resistance committees in preparation for the mass strike and the implementation of civil disobedience on the 18th and 19th.

– We call on the revolutionaries in all the neighborhoods of the country to prepare for a long round in which we defeat the militias, based on our good preparation for organization and the continuation of the announced revolution schedules and the arrangement of unannounced schedules according to what the revolutionaries see in the neighborhoods.

– We will publish our next steps in response to the January 17 massacre. This massacre will not go unnoticed.

– We are the generation that was destined to write the end of the military coups, and we will not postpone this battle, and the action is what you see and not what you hear.