Press Release | March of Loyalty to the Martyrs (January 20th) – East Khartoum Resistance Committees Coordination

The continuance of mass peaceful protests guarantees the downfall of the military coup and its allies.

We only know that loyalty to the martyrs is demonstrated by completing the revolution’s journey and accomplishing the noble goals.

Our people who had never known defeat:

With your long battle and unwavering dedication, you have struck consecutive blows to the pillars of the corrupt, treacherous, and tyrannical system that is on the verge of collapsing.

On the bloody seventeenth of January, you wrote letters of fire and light in the records of heroism, and despite the pain and great loss of souls who gave their efforts for the sake of the continuation of the revolutionary work, you proved rightly and truly that you are the people who do not know defeat and who chose to fight the flames and defy bullets in order to reclaim their dignity, sovereignty, and civil state. The immediate response was declaring a strike, to which all anti-coup revolutionary professional entities crumbled, and with full barricading in the three cities of Khartoum, Khartoum State became a closed capital by the people’s order, delivering a strong statement of indignation rejecting the violations.

The continuance of mass, peaceful revolutionary action guarantees the downfall of the coup and its allies. accordingly, the East Khartoum Resistance Committees Coordination announces a march of loyalty to martyrs on Siteen Street on January 20th. We invite all revolutionaries to actively participate in loyalty to the souls of those who are more honorable than we are, and We only know that loyalty to the martyrs is demonstrated by completing the revolution’s journey, which leads to the overthrow of the coup, the establishment of full civil authority, hold criminals accountable, and the accomplishment of the noble goals for which the martyrs gave their lives.


The neighborhoods of (Burri, Al-Manshiya, Al-Riyad, Al-Taif, Al-Jiraif) to meet at the intersection of Al-Sharqi with Al-Sitteen then proceed to meet the procession of Arkaweet Resistance Committees at the intersection of  Siteen Street with Al-Firdaws.

The neighborhoods of (Soba, Al Mujahideen, Al Maamoura) to meet at the Siteen Street Intersection with the Martyr Abbas Farah Street (formerly Laffat Juba) and head to Siteen Street Intersection with Al-Firdaws.


  • Adherance to the directives of the field committee, and the banners to be at the forefront of the procession.
  • The importance of barricading during the movement of the procession.
  • The cooperation wit the medical committees.
  • The monitoring of intruders and reporting to the security committee.

Media Office
East Khartoum Resistance Committees Coordination
January 19, 2022