Press Release | The Complete Barricading – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

No negotiation, no partnership, no legitimacy. We will continue the journey of the three nos tomorrow with a complete barricading of the capital, and we are witnessing the dangers of total economic deterioration, from rising prices in all the citizens’ livelihoods and the confusion of decisions and economic policies that are based on levies and push the daily lives of citizens for this terrible level with no services offered in return, but rather used for the open spending on the coup security services that kidnap, arrest, rape, loot and kill us, with our money.

To the steadfast, patient Sudanese people:

This coup will inevitably fall, and we will not stop trying all means to reach our goals and .achieve the goals of our glorious revolution. This is our covenant with the honorable martyrs.

To all professional and labor bodies:

We invite you to work on the formation and activation of your bodies that represent you and protect you against the state’s abuse. This is the right time to build, and we in the resistance committees will work by networking with you in all ways. This is our duty towards building a strong civil society.

To our comrades in the resistane:

Tomorrow, from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m., we will stand with barricades of stones in front of the state and its brutal, repressive machine. Today’s stones are the building bricks of tomorrow.