Press Release | March Weekly Schedule – Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination

A new day joins the sequence of our people’s resistance to dictatorships, to the rampant power beast that the Sudanese have been restlessly opposing, as well as the October 25th coup, epics for our people’s perseverance and dignity who reject militarism and yearn for freedom and peace.

We present to you the schedule for the month of March, to remove disasters and this Coup, and to erase this darkness from every house and every home:

The Schedule:

March 4th: Public Action Day in mosques addressing congregants after Friday prayers  and escalating revolutionary discourse.

March 5th: Flag Day (in which Sudanese men & women raise flags in their houses, cars and on the streets) and visit the injured at their homes & hospitals.

March 6th: Vigils for political detaineesand human chains.

March 7th: Promotional procession for women’s march

March 8th: Women’s march.

March 9th: Public Addresses in the streets + Handouts.

March 10th: One Day Sit-in (Sit-in for People’s authority).

This and the people have a lot to do; processions, then strikes, and even civil disobedience in resistance to the rule of the military, and to hold on to the people’s most trustworthy handhold, which is victory through the unity of the forces of the revolution, no matter the circumstance. Democracy is the only way for our people to complete its goals and advance the demands of the revolution as this is the destiny of some of us to challenge all of us for our sake and the revolution continues.

Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination
Field Committee
March 3, 2022