Press Release | Charter of The Civil Democratic Transition Bloc – Northern State resistance committees Coordination

The Northern State Resistance Committees Coordination held a meeting at the request of a number of its coordinations to discuss its accession and signature to the charter of the civil democratic transition bloc in the state. An open and transparent democratic dialogue took place about the decision to sign and join the bloc.

Our Loyal People:

From the reality of our responsibility at this critical historical stage, and based on what took place in the meeting and after extensive discussion, we announce the following:

First, we, the coordination’s members, criticize ourselves for this behavior and our misjudgement in signing this charter without extensive consultation with the resistance committees in the localities and the grassroots, which are the popular reference and the true watchdog over all our steps, and we acknowledge that our practice lacked the most basic rules of democratic work and coordination between the grassroots and the coordination. We promise that such practices will not be repeated in the future, and we will accept full responsibility for what happened.

Second, in the main speaker’s speech at the press conference to announce the bloc’s charter framework, Dr. Muhammad Suleiman Abu Ali stated that the draft charter was presented by the resistance committees, which is completely false, as no charter was issued by the Northern State resistance committees Coordination or the coordination of localities and it did not give any of its members authorization to speak at the press conference.

Third, we affirm that the Coordination and the Coordination of localities and their grassroots are now engaged in discussing the revolutionary charter for the people’s authority in order order to participate in a unified vision to support and develop the revolutionary charter for the people’s authority  to uproot the coup regime and restore the course of the revolution, making its slogans a tangible reality, and uniting the revolutionary forces against the military coup.

Based on the above and the majority’s decision, we decided to withdraw from the state’s charter of the civil democratic transition bloc and to withdraw our signature, and they were addressed through an official letter from the state secretariat.

The Coordination Media Office
March 4, 2022