Press Release | Vigil in Solidarity with the detaineers – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

Glory to the martyrs, speedy recovery to the wounded and injured, the safe return of the missing, absolute freedom and physical and psychological safety for the detainees.

The sons and daughters of our beloved country of all age groups, out of our belief in the necessity of diversifying the forms of revolutionary movement and accompanying all segments of the people in our peaceful struggle against the repressive coup regime.

In compliance with the weekly revolutionary schedule, we call upon ourselves and you to come out from all sides of Khartoum to the areas that will be determined by the field committees in the coordination to implement the declared vigils in rejection of the policies of the coup military and their followers, and declare of our full solidarity with the revolutionary detainees and our readiness to engage in all ways to preserve their rights and their safety (peaceful, legitimate and legal). Moreover, we continue to announce the charter for the establishment of the people’s authority, which calls for the overthrow of the coup committee.

In March, you will see all of the revolutionary actions and surprises that you are familiar with, so stay close and on time.

We remain on the covenant, and we are on the path, and nothing but martyrdom will deviate us from the footsteps of the martyrs.

Media Office
March 6, 2022