Press Release | Activists have the right to freedom – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

This is what we say today and every day, steadfast in our chant and our principle that activists have the right to freedom, pointing to the fact that the military coup council is practicing the process of fabricating charges against the revolutionaries and slandering them in order to acquit their officers in the case of the killing of the police chief in the processions of (January 13 March), in which they accused the child citizen Mohamed Adam Arbab, 17 years old, known as “Tupac”, Ahmed Al-Fateh, known as “Al-Nunna” and Mohamed Al-Fateh Issam “Terhaqa”, in light of the illegal complications that the coup forces put in front of the “emergency lawyers” group and other defense lawyers, the circumstances of this crime are well known to the Sudanese street.

Following the interview with “Tupac”, the head of the defense team stated that the defendant is in a poor health condition as a result of being tortured in all parts of his body (head, neck, nose, broken leg, traces of cigarette butts on the hand, in addition to the use of nails with an electric drill in the feet), and that he made a judicial confession under this brutal torture, and that he was forced to reenact the crime.

We, the Khartoum City Resistance Committees, condemn the injustice and repressive tactics that our brothers and sisters in the struggle are subjected to, as well as their targeting as a result of their rejection of the fateful coup d’état, in its entirety and in detail.

We invite you to stand against these diabolical acts and defend the cause to support the people and liberate them from the clutches of paid mercenaries. This nation has the right to live in their homeland in freedom, dignity, peace and justice.

Media Office
March 2, 2022