Press Release | March for the detainees – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

Our Inspiring and Educating People:

We will all march out inthe cities, villages and countryside, from mosques, churches and places of worship, from cafes and pubs, from plains and valleys and hillsides, from the shores of the Nile and the sea coast, from the treetops and from behind the mountain, in the periphery and urban areas.

We will march out with our heads held high and our aspirations and dreams so high that one would forget their name for selflessness and the intertwining of interest, work, and wishes, loaded with will, determination, courage, and patience,  immune to frustration with perseverance and hard work, as they are not accustomed to getting what they want easily.

The forces of the revolution against the brutal coup and the masses of free revolutionaries are preparing to go out tomorrow in processions of victorious March 14th. The masses of the free revolutionaries will march out tomorrow, Monday, in the capital and the provinces, to make the streets flourish again with the valor of our people, which extends for nearly three years since the start of the glorious December revolution, the heroism that witnessed generous efforts and abundant sacrifices were written on the pages of history with the ink of pure blood and precious sweat, neither repression nor grave violations discouraged it, but rather fueled it, and the flames of the peaceful revolution blazed, scorching all putchists, opportunists, and remnants of the former regime. And as with the honorable revolutionaries in every revolutionary activity, they will tighten the stranglehold of popular isolation rejecting the de-facto dictatorship and the crimes of the coup, the opportunists and the systematic remnants of the former regime against our defenseless people. They will continue to sow the seeds of determination and determination and water them with absolute confidence in the glorious victory, to sprout a fertile reality of freedom, peace and justice that meets aspirations and lives up to the great sacrifices and beautiful patience.

Our Victorious People:

We call on all honorable members of the anti-coup revolution forces to actively participate in the millions-march tomorrow, armed with our weapon of peacefulness, in order to defeat the coup of October 25 and establish the authority of civil government that will complete the implementation of the great December revolution’s goals.

Let us make the processions of tomorrow an earthquake that shakes the rusty coffin of the coup authority, and exposes its contradiction to the will of our proud people who are determined to sweep it to the dustbin of history, and to establish a pure civil authority, leading to a full civil democratic transformation.

We further confirm that we will monitor and document any violations, violence, or crimes perpetrated by the brutal coup authorities, whose criminal record has become tainted with issues of human rights violations. The revolution’s train is going to the point where victory is inevitable, and the coup has been defeated and will be overthrown by the decision of our people who are commanding and overpowering.

Media Office
March 13, 2022