Press Release | March 8 March – Hlfayat Almlook Change & Resistance Committees

The Sudanese people, in all of their categories and differences, will not be able to realize their aspirations until the military coup and its leaders, who took power in the middle of the night, are overthrown.

We must stand together, young and old, workers and professionals, men and women, right-wing and left-wing, and of all our various sects, in pursuit of stolen rights, which we will not be able to reach while the entire state is hijacked.
The time for celebration has not yet come, and the time now is for resistance.

We invite all of you to participate in March 8 march in support of women’s causes, a rejection of the coup authority’s violations of their rights, and a step toward overthrowing the coup and holding its perpetrators accountable for all of their crimes, so that this coup will be the last.

Media Committee
Hlfayat Almlook Change & Resistance Committees