Press Release | Events of Women’s March – Al Taif Resistance Committee

Our revolution’s beauty lies in its diversity, embedding every area of life in it, integrating the spirit of participation and promoting the spirit of support and gratitude, and an embodiment of the revolution’s numerous meanings. In continuation of our revolution, we marched in the March 8 millions-march “Women’s March,” chanting in recognition of Sudanese women’s roles.

Despite the coup foces’ aggression, attack, and excessive repression of peaceful revolutionaries, those who came out with us yesterday were the ones who enriched and armed us with awareness of everything we need to face life’s difficulties with responsibility and wisdom, and to move forward in the cause of our great homeland.

The procession embodied images that leave a lasting impression in our memory the cohesiveness of generations, women and men, and the procession’s adornment was Eve of Sudan’s white Sudanese attire, which augmented it with beauty and brilliance.

The putschists raided Al-Faisal Hospital yesterday after suppressing the procession and chasing the revolutionaries. As is customary in all processions, this incident was followed by the arrest of a revolutionary, the injuring of others, and the intimidation of citizens.

The putschists had no idea that their acts would only enhance our steadfastness and trust in our cause, and that they would demonstrate the extent of their filth, weakness, and the lowest of their ability to yield to the people’s demands for negotiation and partnership on a daily basis. As a result, we teach them well, that we are continuing in our movement and our resistance, that the people are stronger and that retreat is impossible.

Media Office
Al Taif Resistance Committee
March 9, 2022