Press Release | Tracks of Women’s March – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

Glory to the martyrs, speedy recovery to the wounded and the injured, the return of the missing, and freedom to the detainees in the coup authority cells.

Our valiant people the descendants of the great people, and the great kandakat (Nubian Queens) of my country, since the dawn of history, eight thousand years ago, until this moment, writing heroic epics and teaching history the meaning of heroism and bravery.

The history of Sudan’s Kandakat and Mahirat struggle is inexhaustible, and it is not merely a history for information; rather, it is a present that stretches from the magnificent past to transform the country’s painful reality and elevate our beloved Sudan to a good position.

In recognition of the active role that Sudanese women played in the great December revolution, tomorrow’s march, which corresponds to “International Women’s Day” on March 8th, will be called “Women’s March.”, emphasizing support for just women’s causes and commitment to the slogan of justice, demanding the overthrow of totalitarian rule and the establishment of the people’s authority that represents the masses of Sudanese and Sudanese women and preserves their right to political participation and social rights. Our assembly points will be as follows:-

Jackson Station:-


  • West Khartoum Neighborhoods
  • Al Kalaklat & South Khartoum neighborhoods

Assembly Time: 12 P.M.
Procession Start time: 1:30 P.M.



  • Al Jabal
  • Janub Al Hizam
  • South Khartoum
  • Central Khartoum

Assembly Time: 12 P.M.
Procession Start time: 12:30 P.M.

Al Qurashi:-


  • East Khartoum Neighborhoods

Assembly Time: 11 P.M.
Procession Start time: at the meeting with Bashdar procession.

General Instructions:-

  1. Wear a mask
  2. Flags and banners at the front of the processions
  3. Adhere to unified chants and cheering timing
  4. Barricaing before, after and during the movement of the processions in their tracks, in addition to the extra barricading on the sides, according to the directives of the field committees
  5. In the case of a shooting, follow the field committee’s instructions and seek a cover.
  6. Monitor, film and inform the field committees in the event of any violations or security breaches
  7. If there are calls for retreat, listen to the field committees and avoid clashing with regular forces except in self-defense, for peacefulness is our fundamental slogan.
  8. Give space for medical staff and paramedics to perform their duties, meanwhile, everyone should do their work (i.e Barricading, chanting, monitoring, or etc).
  9. Be cautious not to wander too far from the convoys in the front rows if you encounter the security cordon and boxes, and return as soon as the field committees instruct.
  10. Unless the field committees state otherwise, make sure to return on the same tracks in form of processions to prevent arrests and surveillance.

Media Office
March 7, 2022