Press Release| January 30 March – Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination

Mercy and forgiveness for our martyrs and a speedy recovery for the injured. We wish the return of the missing and absolute freedom for the detained revolutionaries.

The processions of glory and heroism from our great people’s daughters and sons continue to hammer another nail into the coffin of the tyrants whose end is imminent and they are about to enter the ruins of history.

And here is the coup authority reeling and treading in the footsteps of the government of the defunct Non-National Congress, and the coup forces are still carrying out the most heinous massacres, arbitrary arrests and torture continue against defenseless innocent citizens, and the coup soldiers practice the worst violations and encroachment on the sanctities of homes under the banner and pretext of the invalid emergency law that was implemented to serve their tenuous agenda.

The “30th of January” millions-march will be a new confrontation between our steadfast people, armed with their peace, and the tyrannical forces with their arsenal paid from the taxpayer’s resources, but no way, we will not leave the streets until we win victory and wrest the homeland from them, and draw the map that leads us to where we want the beloved Sudan to be.

The 30th of January is not the end of our journey, and we will not leave the streets until the fall of this coup regime and the realization of the state of democracy, as well as accountability for all murderers and those who committed crimes against this people, who have continued to suffer from blatant military interference in all civil affairs.

Media Office
January 28, 2022