Press Release | Tracks of January 30 March – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordinations

The unwavering masses of the people who gave their all to reject military coups once and for all, and to end the era of the tyrannies. We address you today as the flames of revolution rage in all cities and villages of Sudan, and the masses are besieging the coup authorities from all sides, declaring the coup’s inevitable demise and be sent to the dustbin of history.

The bloody coup authorities continue their usual methods of repression, terrorism, campaigns of arbitrary arrests, fabricated charges, and enforced disappearances of revolutionaries, even declaring a curfew in the capital, in meager attempts to extinguish the flames of the revolution, under the illusion that the revolution’s thorn can be broken and its pursuit of its dreams of freedom, peace, justice, and democracy can be stopped. and just like any other tyrant, they do not read history’s lessons and do not understand that, even after a while, the will of free peoples triumphs.

The masses of our people, we will continue to follow the path of the revolution, our only option, and we all believe that victory is tied to the unity of the masses.

The Free Revolutionaries, the destination of our processions on the thirtieth of January will be the Republican Palace “the fools palace” and accordingly, our assembly points will be:

Assembly Points:

All processions meet at Al Qurashi Park and head towards Sharwani.
The procession will split into three tracks from Al Qurashi Park and Katarina Street intersection as follows:

  • Track 1: Head North at Katarina Street towards Al Musalamiyah Bridge.
  • Track 2: Head on dddd street toward the palace street.
  • Track 3: Jackson Station.

General Instructions:

  1. Importance of Barricading, specially at high risk areas as Al Gali Gas Station, Al Qurashi Park and Katarina Street.
  2. Monitoring of intruders, filming them and reporting to the field committee
  3. Do not engage with the regular forces, and in the case of live bullets being used, retreat immedietly from the area.
  4. Processions to follow the banners and to return through the same tracks.
  5. Peacefulness is our revolution’s main motto.

Media Office
Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordinations
January 29, 2022