Press Release | Solidarity With The Detainees March – Bahri Neighborhoods Resistance Committees

The revolution remains both a goal and a desire, and its inevitable consequences remain a source of pride for its revolutionaries and a source of shame for the putschists. As long as the oppressor is entrenched behind his opinion, liberties are limited, and the country is usurped, the revolutionary is vulnerable to all forms of abuse.

The reintroduction of arbitrary arrests, along with the insistence on unlawfully filling jails with revolutionaries, is a new failure of the coup that was born dead, writing the end of the coup in the handwriting of its perpetrator. Arrest will only strengthen determination, and kidnapping will elicit popular outrage and will not break the will of a people that refused humiliation and opted to walk the path of freedom voluntarily and not under compulsion.

We,  Bahri Neighborhoods Resistance Committees, affirm our unequivocal condemnation of the suppression of freedoms through arrest, while also affirming our continued participation in the revolutionary act despite the bumpy road, because our inevitable arrival and certain victory are more important than any abuse.

Our honorable people:

On the 30th of January, we will go out in millions to the streets in solidarity with our detainees in – Solidarity with The Detainees March – We will meet with you at Al Muassasa and chant their slogans, remind ourselves of their issues, and renew our pledge to continue our fight for their release and to complete what we began together, which is to overthrow the coup regime and establish its state of Freedom, Peace, and Justice.

Procession tracks will be published later

Media Office
Bahri Neigborhoods Resistance Committees
January 28, 2022