Press Release | Hamdok’s Return to The Political Arena – Al Kalakla Al Gubba Resistance Committee

Our steadfast people:

We witnessed in the previous days that public opinion was concerned with news of Hamdok’s return to the political arena. Whether the news is true or not, it has no bearing on the revolution or the revolutionaries.

Hamdok saved Al Burhan at his worst by accepting his partnership after the coup, which was a miscalculation on his part; he then realized his grave mistake and submitted his resignation to the Sudanese people; he then left, and the revolution continued on its path, and it will continue to burn until victory.

To honorable citizens:

This revolution is not attached to individuals, but to the goals, principles, and ideals that the martyrs inscribed with their pure blood and paved its path, which is filled with military forces to facilitate our access to salvation with sincerity rather than compromises and cheap concessions to achieve cheaper interests.

Revolutions entail no negotiation, rather it uproot everything that stands in its way.

Al Burhan is a tyrannical ruler who committed countless atrocities, injustices, and corruption while failing to learn from the tyrants that came before him. Both he and Hemeti did not realize that these proud people had been crushed by tyranny for decades and remained strong, not in submission or fear, but for every rage its moment, and for every revolution its youth and time.

Our revolting people to overthrow the regime:

We’ve said it before, and we will continue to say it: whether Hamdok returns or not, the revolution’s train will continue on its way until it reaches its destination.

If Mr. Hamdok returns as a revolutionary, he is welcome among the crowds and the ranks of the rebellious people. However, if he returns to partnership with the military under the pretext of ending bloodshed and the economic crisis, the street has said its word and published it in a charter. The authority is the authority of the people and no partnership – no negotiation – no compromise with the military.

Our silent, steadfast, clashing people against all suffering:

We cordially invite you to participate in the millions-march on March 14th titled “March for the detainees” and also invite you to march out on March 17th on the “March against the rising cost of living”. 

The end.

Media & Culture Office
March 12, 2022