Press Release | Popular Anger – Karari Resistance Committees Coordination

Glory to those whose blood is shed on the soil of the homeland in order to raise an angry generation that builds edifices of justice and achieves the principle of transparency and integrity and raises the banners of freedom and sings melodies of peace, our living martyrs, and the missing who cry in their loneliness and enforced disappearance. All greetings to the comrades in Gadiboon Bila Hudood “G.B.H” Who were and are side by side with us in whatever revolutionary step.

Today, the face of political practice in Sudan has changed once and for all for the benefit of the people with the inauguration of the charter of the resistance committees in the state of Khartoum. We appreciate these efforts and are looking forward to hearing your opinions and proposals and more consultation and coordination, and we will work together to establish the authority of the people.

We reiterate our position, which we have held since October 25th, that Sudan is in the state of a military coup led by the deposed president’s security committee, which has continued to harm Sudanese people throughout the transitional period and into the post-coup period, and we will continue to adhere to the three nos: no negotiation, no partnership, and no legitimacy. And we’re taking steps together toward a radical change, and we’re the ones to take shady positions, because our position was clearer than the sun at dawn, and we were the hands that shone light into the eye of darkness. We are the sons of the streets, and we know it and it knows us in our counter- and evasion tactics, blood and sweat, martyrdom and wounds, missing and detainee. We will never be going out looking for a gain or a seat. Our only goal is Sudan and the establishment of a complete civil authority in which the people take charge of the state and wealth in all aspects, and the removal of all military institutions from political activity, the state’s control over all security companies, the dissolution of all militias, and the creation of a unified national national army under civilian leadership.

We, in the coordination of Karari Resistance Committees hereby announce our participation in the first official event of your entity titled “popular anger”, and you will not walk alone.

Media Office
March 11, 2022