Press Release | Friday of Anger – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

Our People resisting & rejecting the Coup:

The June 30 march is a turning point in our efforts to overthrow the coup and its authority, and there are no words to adequately describe the bravery exhibited by our people’s revolutionaries since yesterday. The only description of what transpired is that it is the December revolution’s second rebirth.

We pray for God’s mercy and forgiveness for the martyrs who ascended to heaven yesterday, June 30, wherein two suns rose, the sun of glory and the sun of the people who rose against the fateful coup, they are our role models for carrying out our obligations to our homeland, glory to them in the heavens above, speedy recovery for the injured, and freedom for detainees.

The decision was reached to free the motherland and enter the palace the same way we did the previous time on December 19th. Hearts were bound to the destiny of a never-ending revolution, and shrouds are borne on shoulders to never deviate from the straight path. The covenant was sworn into with full support for victory or sacrifices that enrages the enemy. the pens have been lifted and the ink has dried.

Our Clashing, Heroic People:

We urge all the revolutionaries to support the sit-in at Al Jawda Hospital in Khartoum, to support it and to continue the peaceful processions regularly and peacefully in the neighborhoods.

We call on all peaceful revolutionaries to return to the same announced tracks of the 30th of June and adhere to directives of the field committees to support Al Jawda Sit-in.


  1. Abu Hamama Assembly point: West Khartoum Coordination, Al Jabal Committees Association and South Khartoum & Al Kalakla Coordination.
  2. Bashdar Assembly Point: East Khartoum Coordination, South Khartoum Coordination, Khartoum Center Coordination and Janub Al Hizam Coordination.
  3. Al Musalamiyah Bridge


  • Avoid clashing with the regular forces
  • Adhere to the processions tracks
  • Maintain the peacefulness of the processions and cooperate with the security committees to resolve any issues.
  • Cooperate with the medical committees.
  • Adhere to the general safety guidelines.
  • Monitor intruders and notify security committees.

Media Office
July 1, 2022