Press Release | Vigil by the defunct regime’s affiliates outside the Ethiopian Consulate – El Gedarif Resistance Committees Coordination

On the road to the 30th of the great June, we will prepare and shake the throne of tyrants, as our revolution will continue until it accomplishes its objective, despite the opposition of the anti-revolutionary forces.

We urge on the masses of our people to increase their revolutionary preparedness and activate all means of peaceful resistance , all the way to the great march of June 30.

Today, we observed the affiliates and beneficiaries of the defunct regimes and the stakeholders of the coup  masters announcing a solidarity vigil with the armed forces for tomorrow outside the Ethiopian Consulate. These are methods of conflict instigation that do not serve the interests of our state, but rather the agenda of the leaders and mercenaries of the coup, and we in the resistance committees affirm that we have no issue with our people’s armed forces, but rather with its bloodthirst generals.

Accordingly, we affirm and raise the state of readiness, and the barricades of the resistance will stop this vigil, and we will close the roads in the face of these mercenaries.

El Gedarif Resistance Committees Coordination
June 29, 2022