Press Release | Al Muassasa Sit-in – Bahri Neighborhoods Committees

To begin, we pray for God’s mercy and forgiveness for our righteous martyrs, speedy recovery for the wounded and the injured, and the peaceful return of the missing.

The masses of our proud people:

We observed the enthusiasm that resonates everywhere regarding the announcement of our next escalatory steps in this decisive stage, and we assure you that the decisions in Bahri Neighborhoods Committees Coordination are made at the grass-roots level, so that the opinions and top-down and bottom-up proposals are formulated according to the rules of the committees in a coordinated and non-hierarchical manner that is accessible to all.

We further emphasize that our silence was only the beginning of planning and preparing the earthquake that will shake the throne of the tyrannical coup, and affirming the goals of the thirtieth of June, and renewing our covenant with the revolution and revolutionaries.

Accordingly, we in Bahri Neighborhoods Committees announce that Al Muassasa will be the sit-in venue for Bahri neighborhoods, starting from this evening until the overthrow of the coup regime.

Bahri Neighborhoods Committees
July 2, 2022