Press Release | Final Draft of the Charter for “Establishment of the People’s Authority” – Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination

The Khartoum State Resistance Committees announce the completion of the final draft of the charter for “establishment of the people’s authority” after adding and including a number of amendments sent by revolutionaries through a series of successive workshops that lasted for a number of weeks from March 5 to March 31.

The issuance of the charter in its final form is a major step in the path of unifying the resistance committees and the forces of the revolution, and it is considered the culmination of the efforts and opinions of thousands of revolutionaries in the various neighborhoods of the capital, which lasted for several months in the best form of grassroots democracy.

After the charter is approved in its final form, all efforts will be directed toward the unification of resistance committees and all revolutionary forces that believe in the trinity of our revolution’s slogan (no negotiation – no partnership – no legitimacy) and non-military intervention in political life in order to establish the people’s full grassroots authority.

Mercy to the martyrs, and victory to our free people.

Media Committee for the charter’s inauguration
April 16, 2022