Press Release | The Military’s Cooperation with Former Regime Affiliates, the Islamic Movement and the Dissolved National Congress – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

We will trample every koz

Our people struggling for freedom:

Throughout the transition period, we followed  the military’s cooperation with former regime affiliates, the Islamic movement and the dissolved National Congress, as well as their leniency with them to pressure civilians, the transitional government, and resistance committees through what was called (the green marches), and their cooperation with them following the coup indicates clear cooperation and alliance between the disbanded party and the coup authority  by restoring all those who were removed from state offices and giving them back the money and real estate, all in order to attack the revolution and change. Here, we send the following messages to affiliates of the Salvation System, the defunct Islamic Movement, and the dissolved National Congress:

  1. The price of your downfall has been the lives of Sudanese people all around the country since 1989. They were martyred by torture, murder, conflicts, and wars, as well as through sanctioning justice and judicial institutions, dismissal and forced retirement, and empowering your affiliates. The logic of freedom, peace, and justice is to never return, and we will harass you with chanting, media, and legal pursuits, and expose all of your corruption and complicity in the neighborhoods with the security and military services in working as informants for the coup authority, and we have lists of your names that we will reveal later.
  2. We have been monitoring your plans to attack peaceful processions, terrorize the relatives of certain arbitrarily detained revolutionaries from resistance committees and political detainees and send threats to them via social media sites and phone calls from unknown numbers in order to silence them from demanding their release. In this regard, we would like to draw your attention to the following:

    – This coup authority will inevitably fall sooner or later, but all of your past and new activities will be used against you as proof and evidence, and you will pay the price fully and swiftly.
    – Your claim is that the solution is in the elections. This is a discourse that you do not have the ability to defend, and that will only happen with the fall of this coup and the dismantling of the defunct June 30, 1989 regime.
    – We follow and monitor your movements within government and public institutions, as well as your plans to retaliate against the honorable employees who supported the revolution and change.  These moves will be met with a very strong and decisive response, which you will learn about in due course.
  1. We will continue in all our peaceful steps and you will have no place to be. You should know that we are monitoring all documents and records that incriminate employees of the dissolved National Congress regime in security and military agencies and government departments following the October 25 coup, as well as their security plans to suppress peaceful revolutionaries and sniping operations, w ith the names of the joint forces, particularly police officers and soldiers, the Central Reserve, the Federal Investigation Service, and General Intelligence, who commit acts of violence, killing, and shooting, we warn you that you will soon be in the cages of the courts alongside the killers of the honorable December Revolution martyrs, and that we will not only have retribution, but that the trials will be accelerated immediately.

Media Office
April 17, 2022